Keep your photos safe
Every Internet user has the right to the security of personal data. But protecting photos from unauthorized access can be very difficult. PhotoSaver will help you save your photos and put them in a reliable storage.
The main advantages of our application
Just select photos from the shared gallery
and put them in a secret vault.
PhotoSaver monitors all attempts to enter
a password and warns the owner of device
of unauthorized access.
No one will gain access to data if he does
not have a password.
We have prepared some additional features for you
Choose the most convenient way to store your password.
Password can be set in numbers, fingerprint or Face ID.
Take a look at the people who wanted to steal your secrets.
The application takes a picture of the person who entered the wrong
password and saves it in a separate folder.
Do not let your memory become your enemy.
You can delete or change the password at any time.
But that is not all:
  • Protect yourself from scammers. If you are forced to open access to our vault, you can enter a special password. This will open a separate gallery in which there will be no personal photos.
  • Do not waste time searching for the right photos. Take pictures directly from our application and they will automatically be transferred to the secure gallery.
  • Your photos belong only to you. Our application locks itself when your phone faces downward.